Free Animal Smileys

These Animal Smileys are free for you to use on your MySpace profile, on Facebook, your blog, website or forum signature - in fact anywhere you like online!

Click the image you want to use to get the code!
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animal0065.gif animal0019.gif animal0062.gif animal0010.gif animal0017.gif animal0022.gif animal0025.gif animal0059.gif animal0057.gif animal0050.gif animal0041.gif animal0046.gif animal0034.gif animal0048.gif animal0033.gif animal0006.gif animal0001.gif animal0008.gif animal0051.gif animal0056.gif animal0024.gif animal0058.gif animal0023.gif animal0016.gif animal0011.gif animal0063.gif animal0064.gif animal0018.gif animal0009.gif animal0072.gif